What is Fasting?

Fasting is simply the wilful refrainment from eating for a period of time.

Lots of people nowadays are choosing this a method to lose weight.

I want to say from the beginning this isn’t superior to any other diet, nor is it inferior. It’s just an easy way to get into a calorie deficit.

Personally, I don’t recommend zero or super low calorie days. It’s extremely hard to do, can really affect your mood on the zero calorie days and the evidence shows there isn’t a significant change in weight loss between daily calorie restriction and zero calorie day fasting.

However, I do recommend (not to everyone, but certain people) reducing the time period of which you can eat during the day. Only let yourself eat between 10 and 6. This closes off the time in which you can consume calories; you’ll be fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8. This is great for weight loss because you’ll struggle to fit in enough calories to put you in surplus. For the remaining hours, you’ll have to resist eating… remember you will be asleep for (hopefully) at least 8 of those hours.

Fasting isn’t a magical diet. It’s just another method to help put you in a calorie deific.

Thank you for reading. I really hope this information helps you to achieve your goals. If you ever have any questions relating to anything discussed on this blog, please do get in touch by checking out my website or join my PT app.

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