Tracking Progress

This is probably one of the most forgotten about things in the fitness industry... Tracking progress can be done in different forms; recording weight lifted in the gym, on the scales, and via progress pictures. Everyone should record or make a mental note the weight they lift in the gym. Progressive overload is so important. A great way to ensure that you are progressing is by recording the weight you lift... what gets tracked gets improved. To effectively build strength you need to working off percentages of your 1 rep max and the only way to know this is by recording the weight you lift. Progress pictures are, in my opinion, the best way to track your progress, especially if you are trying to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. When you are building muscle, you'll also be putting on weight. TAKE NOTE - this may not be fat but the scales may go up. This why I always recommend progress pictures. The scales can be a good way to track your weight loss journey but that's it. Only use the scales if you are overweight, but even then, progress pictures may be a better way to go. Like I said before and especially if you’re new to training, you’re going to build muscle at the same time as losing weight, so your weight loss journey may not be as fast as you like. To summarise - you need to record your progress to keep you on track and accountable to yourself. There are some great ways to do this but progress pictures always seem to help boost morale and stops people getting despondent when they don't notice a change on the scales.

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