The gyms are opening

Finally, what we have all been waiting for... gyms will open on the 25th

Now before you get over excited and rush back, here are a few tips that should help you to maximise your time in the gym.

First of all, have a plan. Most gyms now have a booking system and can only let you in for an hour at a time. So be prepared and have a plan of action. That way, when you get in there, you can crack on with your workout and not waste time thinking of what to do next.

This also ties in well with having a goal. I always talk about the importance of having goals. It helps with tracking progress and with motivation. When creating your goal, make sure it's achievable, set a realistic time frame and also set yourself mini goals to keep you on track. Find your 'why'.

Remember you've had 4 months off!! So pace yourself. You probably won't be able to lift the same amount of weight or train at the same intensity as you could before, so ease yourself back in. Don't worry because it won't take long to get back to your previous fitness levels. Also, if you train super hard for the first couple of weeks, you are going to be so sore you won't be able to move for the next few days, and that's not what we want...

Make sure you are performing all exercises with correct form. The last thing you want when your finally allowed back to the gyms is to get injured.

Get a good coach. Having a coach will help with all of the above. It will also help you to stay accountable, which is why most people fail or give up. You'll have a dedicated person there to help with goal setting, writing personalised workout plans but also someone to talk to when you are struggling with discipline or motivation.

If you are looking for a coach, head to my app for a 7 day free trial. Everything you need is right there!

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