The best diet in the world for weight loss

There's always lots of talk about different diets for weight loss and it can cause big debates between people.

Keto, intermittent fasting, vegan and many more diets will not work when it comes to weight loss unless you are in a calorie deficit. You need to burn more calories than you consume or consume less calories than you burn.

So what's the best diet for weight loss?

A diet you can stick to!

For most people this is their current diet but with reduced calories. There is no point starting diets like keto or going vegan if you're just going to binge and fall of the wagon after a week. If you can eat what you are now but cut down on portion sizes, cut out the extra snacks and cut out a the extra glasses of wine, you'll be far more likely to stick it to it.

It's all about consistency and longevity.

Some people do need that big change where they do a diet such as intermittent fasting or paleo and that's fine. I'm not saying that this is wrong, but for the majority of people, they will struggle to to stick to a diet like that for a long period of time.

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