How to get that winter motivation

It's getting darker and colder so the last place you want to be on a Monday morning is in the gym. Don't let that stop you. Below are some tips to help get you motivated for your winter gym sessions.

#1 Gym buddy

Finding a friend who has the same goals as you is a great way to get you in the gym. Because you are both working towards the same goal, you’ll be able to push each other and make sure you are both staying on track. Having a gym buddy will also make your gym sessions a lot more enjoyable and competitive, so you’ll be pushing yourself a lot more than you would if you were alone. Set up a gym date; do your session followed by a coffee or light bite to give you both something to look forward to post workout

#2 Get a personal trainer

Personally, I have found when people are paying for a personal training session and they have a 6am or an 8pm session booked in, they usually show up. The monetary commitment is there.

You also get that accountability. Having your trainer messaging you to check your hitting calorie targets, getting your steps in and just having that support behind you, pushing you and wanting you to achieve your goals.

They can teach you new and interesting training techniques to spice up your sessions when you train with a friend or on your own.

#3 Group exercises classes

Group exercise classes are usually fun, interactive and always varied. This can also link back to number 1. I teach classes with up 15 people in them, so you’ll be training with people all around you working towards the same goal and pushing you to perform to your highest level. You’ll also learn different exercises which you can use in your gym sessions.

#4 Get a plan

A lot of people come to the gym and just go through the motions. This can lead to you getting bored and loosing motivation which makes it harder to achieve your goals. You need to have a game plan; a programme to follow and help keep you on track. There needs to be structure to your training.

You have to be doing the right kind of training for you. If you don’t like doing HIIT sessions then don’t do them, find something you do enjoy.

I offer unique personalised programmes suited to your needs and goals. My main goal is to ensure that you enjoy each session. This in turn will help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for reading. I really hope this information helps you to achieve your goals. If you ever have any questions relating to anything discussed on this blog, please do get in touch.

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