Hit a plateau?

If you’re an intermediate or advanced gym goer, you may find that your training slows down or even you hit a plateau.

I’m going to go through a few different techniques to help you break through to the next level:

1. Add more reps

This is simple: add more reps to your workout.

Say you come into the gym and do 4 sets of 10 reps on the chest press machine with 60kg, but this time you come in your going to still lift 60kg for 11 or 12 reps.

2. Add more sets

Again, a simple technique

Instead of doing your 60kg for 4 sets on the chest press add in a fifth set. Once you are finding this easier, go to 70 for 4 sets and work your way back up to 5 sets.

3. Add finishers to your workout

These are something you can add to the end of your workout.

  1. • Heavy sled pushes or sled sprints after a leg day

  2. • Tire flips after heavy deadlift session

  3. • Battle ropes after arms

  4. • Ball slams and press ups after a push day

4. Adding cardio

Lots of people shy away from cardio if they’re trying to get stronger or build muscle, but you shouldn’t.

Adding cardio allows you to build up your work capacity meaning you can do more in a workout and recover faster not only in between session but in between sets

5. Mix up your training

Try different training methods or try some new lifts in your routine. Add some Olympic lifts to your training. They are super technical but fun to do. Add more bodyweight exercise - focus on some core ones because they can be really challenging.

To summarise

  1. 1. Add more reps

  2. 2. Add more sets

  3. 3. Add finishers

  4. 4. Add cardio

  5. 5. Mix up your training

Thank you for reading. I really hope this information helps you to achieve your goals and keeps you motivated in the gym. If you ever have any questions relating to anything discussed on this blog, please do get in touch by checking out my website or join my PT app.

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